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Let Us Repair Your Driveway & Walkways

  1. Measure the linear feet of your driveway and/or sidewalk and give you a firm quote
  2. Clean out the old joint material
  3. Install Trim-A-Slab material
  4. Clean-up and haul away the debris

We will discount Power Washing 50% from standard price with installation package.

Wood is used during construction to form expansion joints in driveways and walkways. Over time this wood tends to separate from the cement creating traps for water and dirt to accumulate. Water causes the wood to rot and eventually the rotten wood forms a mulch bed for grass and ants. Not all the wood separates from the cement. The remaining wood is there because it has been subjected to external pressures and is highly compressed. This wood can be very difficult to remove and is one reason we recommend Trim-A-Slab be installed by a professional installer.


Available in 50' foot rolls    $2.49 per linear foot

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trim-a-slab material